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Play Aviator in an online casino with Ripple

Play Aviator with Ripple

The Aviator crash game has been one of the most popular casino games for several years. To try your luck and compete for winnings in the famous slot, you can visit most gambling platforms, but to play for real money, you will need to register on the club's website and replenish your gaming balance.

Online casinos keep up with the times and offer players a variety of deposit methods, such as the ability to deposit funds from bank cards and e-wallets. These options are not without drawbacks - bank transactions are often blocked, withdrawal of winnings can take several days, and transfers to e-wallets are subject to fees. Therefore, one of the easiest, fastest, and safest ways to deposit and withdraw winnings in a casino today is cryptocurrency.

Depositing and withdrawing prize money can be done using different cryptocurrencies, each with its own features. One of the most popular is Ripple, a cryptocurrency accepted by most online casinos worldwide. Let's take a look at how to play Aviator using Ripple.

Advantages of Ripple cryptocurrency for bets in Aviator

Advantages of Ripple cryptocurrency for bets in Aviator

Among cryptocurrencies that can be used for transactions in online casinos and withdrawal of winnings, Ripple has several advantages:

  • Instant transactions from anywhere in the world. Ripple is one of the fastest ways to conduct financial transactions. Funds are credited to users' accounts anywhere in the world in just a few seconds, and thanks to innovations like Cobalt, Ripple has become even faster.
  • Fast withdrawal of winnings. In addition to instant deposits, players using Ripple in online casinos can also enjoy fast withdrawals of prize money. After the withdrawal request is approved, you can receive your money instantly.
  • Security. One of the main aspects that players consider when choosing a payment method in an online casino is the reliability and security of transactions. Ripple is one of the safest payment methods available on the market.
  • No withdrawal fees. Another undeniable advantage of using Ripple to deposit and withdraw winnings in Aviator is the absence of fees. You will receive all winnings in full.

How to play Aviator with Ripple

How to play Aviator on Ripple

Playing Aviator and other exciting casino games using cryptocurrencies in general, and Ripple in particular, is quite easy. The player needs to find a suitable gambling club that offers the opportunity to place bets in Aviator and accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method. It's great if the chosen casino has a license and a good reputation among the gambling community - this indicates the fairness of the online casino.

So, to play Aviator using Ripple:

  1. Register at the chosen gambling club. You can create an account in an online casino in various ways - for example, register by phone number or email address. Some gambling platforms offer logging in through existing Google, FB, VK, Steam, Twitch, and other accounts.
  2. If you plan to play Aviator for money, you will need to deposit funds. To do this, open the Payments section and select the Deposit option.
  3. If you decide to replenish your balance using Ripple, choose this method from the list of available cryptocurrencies. Specify the desired amount and wait for it to be credited to your balance.
  4. Usually, funds are credited within a few seconds, after which you can place bets in Aviator and win. All winnings will be credited to your casino deposit. You can then withdraw them to your crypto wallet.

How to deposit in Aviator with Ripple

How to deposit in Aviator using Ripple

Let's look at how to top up your balance in the casino to play Aviator using Ripple:

  1. Enter your login and password and log in to the online casino website.
  2. Go to the Payments section and select the Deposit Balance tab.
  3. Choose cryptocurrency from the list of payment methods.
  4. Select Ripple from the list of available cryptocurrencies.
  5. You will see the wallet address associated with your deposit account. Transfer the desired amount to it.
  6. After the transaction is processed, the money will be credited to your balance, and you can start placing bets for money. Payment processing usually takes less than a minute.

Withdrawal of winnings in Aviator to Ripple

Withdrawal of winnings in Aviator to Ripple

Ripple cryptocurrency is convenient not only for topping up the balance for bets in the casino but also for quickly withdrawing winnings. All money you win in Aviator, slots, and other casino games will be credited to your deposit. You can withdraw them at any time. To receive winnings, simply log in to your personal account on the casino website and go to the Withdraw Funds tab. To withdraw your winnings to Ripple:

  1. In the Withdraw Funds tab, go to the Cryptocurrencies section and select Ripple from the list of available options.
  2. Specify the desired withdrawal amount, as well as the address of your crypto wallet.
  3. After processing the withdrawal request, the funds will be instantly credited to your account. Please note that if you are withdrawing winnings for the first time, you may need to undergo identity verification. This will help the casino ensure that you are of legal age and have the right to place bets in gambling games.

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