Avis pour un jeu en ligne Aviator

Le jeu légendaire Aviator a gagné l'amour de millions de fans à travers le monde.

Aviator est un crash game où une courbe croissante peut s'effondrer à tout moment. Avec le début du tour, la courbe s'agrandit, augmentant le coefficient. Vous verrez l'avion décoller sous forme de courbe. A cause de l'avion, le nom du jeu est Aviator.

La question principale est quand encaisser ? Vos gains en dépendent. Le dilemme est très simple : pour effectuer un retrait plus tôt, le taux de gain est plus faible. Si vous vous arrêtez plus tard avec un coefficient plus élevé, il y a de grandes chances de perdre. Beaucoup de joueurs réfléchissent à des stratégies pour jouer à Aviator et à la façon de gagner la machine à sous. Vous trouverez ci-dessous les critiques des joueurs qui peuvent vous aider à commencer à jouer et à gagner la machine à sous Aviator au casino en ligne 1win.

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Review: Honesty in Aviator is the main thing for me


For me, honesty control in online slots is important, and most online casinos do not offer this option. Here I can copy the online session number, enter this number on the game creator’s website and be sure that I am not being deceived. This is important because otherwise the chances of winning are minimal. You will be deceived anyway. When there is honesty control, there is a guarantee that the casino will not deceive you, since it will not interfere with the game process. Although there were no questions for 1wine anyway, it's a reliable casino. 

Max, 40 years

Review: I like the game Aviator because it is in 1win casino


The most important thing in choosing a slot is actually to choose an online casino, but not slot. 1 win have always made me happy. It is easy to withdraw money and there are a lot of games to play. Choose what your heart desires. I rarely play Aviator, I like poker more. But this game is credible. My friend plays only Aviator.

Marco, 47 years

Review: Aviator surprises me


I lost the first three bets, but put 10 cents on each. But the fourth time I was lucky - I won 1.2 dollars, and then again and again ... In short, I raised almost 20 dollars in 10 minutes. I stopped for the time being.

Phil, 36 years

Review: Aviator is a powerful passion


I am a gambler and an Aviator is 100% game for every gambler. If you play at an online casino and have not tried Aviator, it’s like visiting Las Vegas and not going to a local casino.

Maria, 35 years old

Review: I'm happy with the aviator at 1win


I have played in 1win for a long time, because this casino always provides a good selection of slots. Only a few casinos have so many games at once - several thousand. This is just stunned. The Aviator caught my eye by accident. It seems so far satisfied. Let's see what happens next.

Eugene, 52 years

Review: Aviator is slowly but surely making money


My friends and I are really raising money on this slot. The rest are very risky ... In this online game slowly, but surely you can win.

Stanley, 19 years old

Review: I play Aviator without tension, not always a profit


There are no special rules. Even a blonde like me will understand. Everything else depends on the willingness to take risks. I risk a lot, so I don't win that often. Friends say to cashout money earlier, then there will be winnings. But I'm just relaxing, so I play without straining.

Olga, 18 years old

Review: a lot depends on you in Aviator, but not on luck


I've tried several slots to play with, but all are a bit weird. Everything in Aviator is simple and clear. And most importantly, a lot depends on you, not luck.

Andrey, 18 years old

Review: making 10 dollars in 15-20 minutes in Aviator is easy


I've always been profitable in this slot. You can always raise 10 dollars in 15-20 minutes. And I don't know anyone who has lost. Sometimes you can drop several bets in a row, but then everything comes back.

Juan, 20 years

Review: Aviator is a slot that grabs attention


I have played other 1win slots before, but decided to give Aviator a try. It is a very cool toy in fact. It grabs my attention.

Nika, 21 years

Review: Click to withdraw money early


There are not many online slots where not an algorithm works, but your head. And your winnings depend on what decision you make. Aviator is such online game. Click on the withdrawal of money early, do not take much risk and you will be in profit.

Dmitro, 50 years

Review: Aviator is not a scam for money for sure


It seems like a normal game. I did not find any catch. Everything else seems to be some kind of scam for money, when compared with the Aviator.

Irina, 37 years

Review: game Aviator - plus 5 dollars


It seems that there is nothing complicated. I played for the first time, plus 5 dollars. A little storm - then I win, then I lose. I will definitely come back again. It is a very addicting slot.

Sergio, 23 years

Review: Aviator is an adrenaline rush


A friend told about the Aviator when we were preparing for the exam. We started playing during breaks, wasting a little time. Among positive sides - you get an adrenaline rush in a short time. It's like what we needed when you sit and read boring textbooks.

Alexander, 19 years

Review: Aviator is a very cool game


A very cool game. I downloaded the application to my phone and play from my Samsung. There are half-hour breaks in my work when I am not doing anything. To kill my time - the Aviator is perfect. No long games. The whole session lasts at least a few seconds if I decide to exit quickly. Well, or 10-15 seconds, if the task is to hold on as long as possible. That is, you can interrupt the game and stop at any time.

Alex, 26 years old

Review: Aviator is Generous Slot


Back in school, we were fighting with classmates who would win the most in Aviator. Usually, out of 12 people, about 8-9 were always win. The amounts are different, some for 2 dollars, and some for 50 dollars. It is generous slot, there are few of such among online games.

Dmitry, 18 years

Review: very simple game


It is very simple game. There is no goal to win, and my bets are 10 cents each. Usually I'll play for an hour, spend 1 dollar in total. But a lot of pleasure. If you play correctly, you can make money.

John, 26 years

Review: It is a pity that I did not know about the Aviator before


It's strange that I didn't know about the Aviator before. Only the day before yesterday I played for the first time, but it turned out that all my friends had heard about the Aviator before. One friend said that 1win is the smartest Aviator comparing to the rest gambling options.

Nick, 35 years

Review: smart money game at 1win


The game is smart, and 1win seems to be a good casino. I haven't heard any negative reviews, and that says a lot.

Nadia, 23 years

Review: I like Aviator Spribe 1win


A dude from my unit told me about the Aviator. He says that he has been playing for a long time. I downloaded the application, it seems like a normal theme. You play, you kill time and you can even win. I won 2 dollars, but I didn't really strain. I want more next time, so that I have enough for cigarettes.

Jack, 19 years